Tape Recovery

Tapes find their use in various industries, dominating several businesses even in the 21st century. One cannot wholly replace tapes, and deny them of their usefulness. However, several reasons could lead to the loss of data even in these devices, making this safety a vital concern. Errors in operation, mishandling and expiration could stand out amongst the primary causes of data loss. Physical damage and software up-gradation could also render the existing data useless and unreadable. Often overwriting might destroy any previous data, making a recovery almost impossible. To secure these devices, one must keep them away from smoke, chemicals and liquid.

Reasons to Choose Us

For those who wish to recover data from their tapes, our company will help you! We pledge to offer the best results in the market.

Free Evaluation and Collection

Our organisation does not charge any fee for the evaluation and collection of the corrupted device. Our professional team will evaluate your tape and provide you with an assessment within 24 hours! Our data recovery services may cost as low as $300, irrespective of your location! No matter the condition of your tape, are professionals promise to see the task through, and perform better than other businesses in the market! You will not be disappointed with our facilities.

Forensic Recovery Process

In cases where evident data gets deliberately tempered and removed from tape, there might remain minimal chances of making a full recovery. The information does not reside in the active storage unit, making the extraction seem almost impossible. However, Admin Data Recovery, with a team of experts, can perform forensic investigations, which may result in the extraction of the relevant data. Our company promises to deliver excellence in this field with the help of our advanced, sophisticated technology!

Archive System of Recovery

Our organisation follows an archive system of recovery, consisting of an auditing process, led by migration and cataloguing of data. Finally, after the conclusions of the previous processes, we proceed with the Restoration of data, after checking for any legal, governmental requirements.